Rudi Anschober

Rudi Anschober (born 1960) is an Upper Austrian politician for the Green Party and, since 2003, State Councillor of Upper Austria for the Integration, Environment, Water, Climate and Consumer Protection. An elementary teacher by profession, he also worked as a journalist in various media, and eventually his distinct engagement against the construction of the Temelín NPP got him into the politics, with a will to change something and point out other options than nuclear power. He has been on the political stage since 1986; he began as a speaker of the Green Alternative for Upper Austria.

Since he won the mandate for the State Council in 2003, Anschober has been opposing nuclear power and advocating renewables at the state level. He launches projects and initiatives, supports associations, public interest advocates and citizens both at home and abroad in their work against nuclear power. With his voice, he contributes to information and awareness raising among citizens concerning the dangers and huge economic inefficiency of nuclear power.

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