Veronika Ustohalová

Dr.-Ing. Veronika Ustohalova is a senior researcher in Nuclear Engineering and Facility Safety Division at Öko-Institut e.V., Darmstadt. She holds a diploma in hydraulic engineering and water management of Technical University Prague and in hydraulics and contaminant transport of ETH Zurich. She received her PhD in Landfill engineering and waste management  from the University of Duisburg-Essen. Her research compassed several waste management issues and contaminant transport in the environment within first years. 

At the Öko-Institut, she works since 2008 and is mainly concerned with radiation protection and nuclear emergency preparedness, radioactive and conventional waste management, several aspects of nuclear safety as well as decommissioning of nuclear installations. Her work further involves radioecological modelling with a focus on environmental impacts of nuclear installations during operation and decommissioning as well as under consideration of accident scenarios. She also deals with issue of the deterioration of state and nuclear safety infrastructures in crisis regions. Besides that, her project work encompasses socioeconomic aspects and stakeholder involvement within radioactive waste disposal, radiation protection and nuclear emergency preparedness. She is a member of European stakeholder group for developing research priorities and roadmaps to guide radiation protection and emergency preparedness research in Europe.

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