Jan Haverkamp

Ir. Jan Haverkamp (born 1959) is nuclear energy and energy policy specialist for Greenpeace and WISE (World Information Service on Energy). He is a Dutch citizen and since this year based in Amsterdam after having lived 20 years in the Czech Republic and Poland and having worked since 1985 in Central Europe. 

Trained as environmental scientist, he is since the late 1980s involved in nuclear energy issues and worked on that in all of Europe, but also South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the USA. He worked four years as Greenpeace’s EU nuclear policy advisor in Brussels, among others during the start of the Fukushima nuclear crisis and the following nuclear stress tests. He was involved in the development of the Euratom Nuclear Safety Directive, the Nuclear Waste Directive and the Directive on Basic Radiation Standards. He has a long track record on issues of nuclear transparency, especially the implementation of the Espoo and Aarhus Conventions in the nuclear sector.

He is co-founder and vice-chair of Nuclear Transparency Watch. Nuclear Transparency Watch is a Brussels based European network of independent academics, experts, members of parliament and NGOs that promotes nuclear safety and transparency in the nuclear sector.

Jan Haverkamp received his level 5B certificate as radiation protection advisor from the Technical University Delft. He was involved in radiation protection work in Spain, Japan and Ukraine. 

He teaches 'facilitation of environmental communication processes', 'the role of environmental NGOs in society' and energy policy in the Visegrad countries at the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. He has a bachelors degree in biochemistry from the State University in Leiden and a bachelors and masters degree (academic engineer) in environmental sciences from Wageningen University. 

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