Edvard Sequens

Ing. Edvard Sequens is Chairman of the NGO Calla – Association for Preservation of the Environment in České Budějovice, where he works as an energy consultant and energy project leader. He has a degree in Automated Control Systems from Military Technical College in Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia. He worked on the Independent Expert Committee for Assessment of the Czech Republic’s Long-term Energy Needs and as an external advisor for the Minister of the Environment. He is a member of the Sustainable Energy Committee of the Government Council for Sustainable Development. He has been involved in development of the alternative concept of the Czech energy system “Smart Energy”, and has mapped the utilisation of renewable energy sources in South Bohemia. He received the Czech Solar Award 2002 from the Czech section of Eurosolar for his work on promotion of utilisation of solar energy.

For over two decades, he has closely followed the developments in the area of nuclear waste management in the Czech Republic and assisted representatives and inhabitants of municipalities in the areas investigated for a deep repository for highly radioactive waste to be able to defend their interests more effectively. After the establishment of the governmental Working Group for Dialogue on the Deep Repository in 2010, he represented environmental organisations with nation-wide coverage in it. After the Group disintegrated, he fathered another formation of municipalities and civic associations – the Platform Against the Deep Repository, where he works as Secretary.

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