Gabriele Mraz

Maga. Gabriele Mraz, MA (born 1967) works since 1988 as a scientist at the Austrian Institute of Ecology (AIE) in Vienna and since 2014 also at the pulswerk GmbH – the consulting firm of the AIE. She studied nutrition with a focus on radioecology, and gender studies. For long years she worked in the gamma laboratory of the AIE measuring the consequences of the Chernobyl accident on soil, plants and food. Consequences and risk of nuclear accidents still are her working topic, for example in the flexRISK project illustrating the risk of NPPs for Europe (

Since several years she is project leader of the “Joint Project – Nuclear Risk and Public Control” ( In the Joint Project, European NGOs and research institutions cooperate since 2003 on anti-nuclear activities in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Since 2014 Gabriele Mraz is head of the Austrian-German consortium “SEA national waste management programs” which has been commission by the Austrian Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism to evaluate the national nuclear waste management programs of Austria’s neighboring countries in case they conduct a transboundary SEA (Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment). 

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